More electronics

Some designs.

Here are some electronics designs I made and built. If you spot errors or potential improvements, please let me know.

(Try Arian van Dorsten's projects page, Tomi Engdahl's electronics page or Hack a Day for more designs and information.)


Good, practical books to get started designing yourself:

The Art of Electronics by Horowitz and Hill.

Good for studying or looking things up, full of examples on how-to (and how-not-to 8-), not overly theoretical, complete and thorough, aimed at designing rather than analysis. The best general-purpose book on the subject I have found so far, and fun to read too.


Crash Course in Electronics Technology by Louis E. Frenzel, Jr.

What it says: a crash course in the basic theory of electronics using programmed instruction, a good book to learn the basics quickly. My copy is quite old and from Sams publishers, I don't know if the book has changed much since.


Microelectronics (Electronics and Electronic Circuits) by Millman and Grabel.

A friend of mine (who designs electronics for a living) loves this book: thorough explanations, practical, plenty of examples, but not for beginners.

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